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Suited Up: Capturing the Groom’s Journey Before ‘I Do

  /    /  Suited Up: Capturing the Groom’s Journey Before ‘I Do

dressed to the nines

The Groom's Story: Moments Before 'I Do

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of your wedding day! As your future photographer, I believe that every moment of the groom’s preparation is just as important as the main event. My approach is relaxed and friendly, ensuring that you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera.

In Front of the Camera

Being in front of the camera can be intimidating for some. That’s why, for those who are camera-shy, I will be there to guide you throughout the day. I will suggest natural interactions and poses that will put you at ease, allowing you to forget the camera’s presence and simply enjoy every moment.

During the groom’s preparation, I especially love capturing the warm interactions between the groom, his groomsmen, and family members. These moments of camaraderie, laughter, and emotion are what make your wedding day truly special. Every smile, every hug, and every glance speaks volumes about the love and happiness shared on this special day.


I have a keen eye for the small details that make your wedding unique. From the intricate patterns on your cufflinks, the personalized messages on your gifts, to the knowing glances exchanged with your loved ones, I strive to capture these fleeting moments that add depth to your wedding story.

I am open to all your suggestions and ideas, as I believe your input is essential in creating a collection of photographs that truly reflect your love story. Together, let’s create timeless memories that will always remind you of the magical moments of your wedding day, starting with the precious moments before you say “I do.”

Feel free to contact me for any additional information. I would be delighted to discuss all the details of your day and how I can help you capture your wedding memories in an authentic and memorable way.

To see the bride’s preparation, follow this link.


Congratulations on your engagement! If my style speaks to you, let’s connect! Follow me on social media to see more of my work. Can’t wait to be part of your special day!



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