Photography: the heart of e-commerce


E-commerce is more and more present in our daily purchasing. Among the steps to follow for online sales, product photography remains the most important step. We buy with our eyes. Although other steps are important to increase the visibility and credibility of your product, it is photography that seduces to close the sale.

Here is an overview of some objects and products photographed in the studio and in natural light.

How to make a successful product photograph?

Above all, a discussion with the marketing team is needed. It is important to determine the artistic direction of your product line. Consistency and harmony of a range are important factors. On the other hand, here are some basic tips for making typically e-commerce photographs on a white background.

  • White background, reflectors and minimum 3 light sources: illuminate the background and the subject individually.
  • Find the most advantageous angle (try several angles)
  • Use a tripod to ensure consistent shooting
  • Create images in their natural environment (ex: lipstick on model, mattress in bedroom, etc.)
  • Exhibit a wide variety of products

Today, an attractive, creative and representative visual is not a luxury but an important need for any business that sells online or has a website. The photography work can be done in your establishment or studio according to your needs and specifications. Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information.

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