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Amelie and Nick: A Spring Photo Session at Domaine Lafrance

In the heart of the blooming orchards at Domaine Lafrance, under a radiant sun, Amelie and Nick were about to experience their first photo session together. Enthusiastic, the air was filled with laughter, excitement, and togetherness. Armed with a basket full of little delights, they had prepared a rustic picnic to complement their day amidst the blooming orchards. The delicate apple blossoms danced on the horizon, adding a touch of magic to their springtime escapade.

The session started gently and simply under the shade of the apple trees, where they settled down to share the contents of their picnic basket. Bites were shared, accompanied by a bottle of sparkling cider available at the entrance. After the bites and a few photos, they explored the winding paths between the rows of flowering apple trees. Laughter echoed throughout their walk, blending their voices with the laughter of children and other visitors who were also enjoying this beautiful day.

I had a great time capturing every exchanged glance and every gesture full of complicity! Here are the photographs from their session in the heart of the blooming orchards at Domaine Lafrance.


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