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Amelie and Nick: A Spring Photo Session at Domaine LafranceIn the heart of the blooming orchards at Domaine Lafrance, under a radiant sun, Amelie and Nick were about to experience their first photo session together. Enthusiastic, the air was filled with laughter, excitement, and togetherness. Armed with a basket full of little delights, they had prepared a

The story of Vanessa and Ryan begins with a meeting worthy of a romantic film. Vanessa, a Quebecois with an adventurous heart, and Ryan, equally eager for discovery, hailing from British Columbia, were fortunate enough to cross paths on an airplane, where destiny began weaving the threads of their story.Their love quickly grew, nourished by their shared

Kiana and Lee: A Love Story Amidst the PandemicTheir storyIn the midst of a world facing a pandemic, Kiana and Lee found each other and their soulmates. Meeting in 2020, they were instantly drawn to each other's kindness and sense of humor. Unable to stay away from one another, they soon found themselves living together and planning


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